Jean Delville

November 6, 2009 at 11:48 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I try not to have favourites, I really do. Mostly because I’m fickle in my affections and tend to change my mind every few months anyway. Nevertheless, I have no hesitation in stating that Jean Delville (1867-1953) is possibly my favourite Symbolist painter. He had a keen interest in the Occult, and founded the Salon d’Art Idealiste in his native Belgium.I think I love him so much because I’m instinctively drawn to art that’s a little bit disturbing. Also, I like that he’s one of the few Symbolist artists who didn’t shy away from depicting naked men. There’s a complete dearth of manflesh in nineteenth-century art, if you ask me.




The Love of Souls





The School of Silence




Satan's Treasures






More Delville art will be coming up in the future.




  1. Daniel said,

    Amazing blog! I’ve always wanted something like this.

  2. von B. said,

    Yes that’s a good one, indeed. I specially like ‘Satan’s Treasures’

  3. Jurporeitarie said,

    men bags men bags men bags men bags men bags

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