Franz Von Bayros

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Franz von Bayros (1866-1924) is a fairly recent discovery of mine. He was an Austrian Decadent, and I like to think of him as the spiritual love child of Aubrey Beardsley and the Marquis de Sade. His erotic illustrations caused a furore – the court case concerning his ‘Tales from the Dressing Table’ portfolio made his name in artistic circles, and he was persecuted his whole life for his controversial artwork, meaning that he was constantly moving from country to country. It’s hardly surprising – the morally fixated echelons of nineteenth-century society were hardly going to welcome von Bayros’s decadent take on eroticism, often featuring lesbianism, bestiality and sadomasochism. Nonetheless, his artistic skill cannot be denied, and his illustrations are witty and delightful, attention paid to the minutest of details.



Ex-libris of Sweet Snail

Ex-libris of Sweet Snail



  1. melmoth said,

    Always a feast for the eyes but not one for granny that’s for sure, Anyone looking for decent copies of Bayros’ work for their bookshelf should pick up ‘True Decadence’ by Erotic Review Books which includes ‘Venus In Furs’ for good measure.

  2. Decadent Handbook said,

    I’ll definitely have to find a copy of that! I was wondering if there were any books of his work. I really like how he actually celebrates female sexuality, rather than portraying it as something to be feared. Of course there is a certain amount of exploitation, but try and find pornography that doesn’t exploit! All his women look like they’re just having fun. True, one of them is having fun with a cow, but the cow doesn’t seem too upset 😉

  3. 雪が積もった〜(※ただし、うっすらと), メールマガジンがリマインダーになって忘れないで見られる。, フランツ・フォン・バイロスの蔵書票展, 総務省の顧問をやってる人が公平な立場かã said,

    […] 世紀末エロ爺だな。他にも ■Franz Von Bayros ≪ Decadenthandbook's Blog こういう雰囲気なのね笑。よぉ〜し観るよ〜観る観る〜。Tags: 美術 | | […]

  4. Amateure-Sex said,

  5. Hilary said,

    Really far out stuff!!! Some of the drawings do seem a bit odd, such as being nibbled genitally by a deer. A lot of the girls seem to be having a good time. I was fascinated enough by von Bayros’ work that I even told my boss, who is a portraitist and likes pen-and-ink, about him. I did warn him it was rather x-rated though!

  6. Daniel Newman said,

    Wow these are fantastic. Thank you.

  7. osmond said,

    like to get info about franz von bayros. price of lito etc

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