George Frederick Watts

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There are very few true Symbolist painters from England – the movement seems to have merged considerably with what the Pre-Raphaelite were doing, making any sort of definition a little hazy. George Frederick Watts (1817-1904), however, is a notable exception. He was definitely a Symbolist, and in my opinion his work has far more in common with continental artists such as Delville and Moreau than it has with Rossetti – himself probably the Pre-Raphaelite who was most inclined towards Symbolism. While Watts was influenced by Rossetti and Aestheticism, his later work is much darker, and bears elements of spiritualism and a preoccupation with death.

Time, Death and Judgement

Time, Death and Judgement

Love and Death

Love and Death



The Minatour

The Minotaur

I like how Watts has portrayed the mythical beast with a sense of pathos.



I also like how Watts is one of the few Symbolist artists willing to portray images of naked men. I have no problem with female nudity, but it does get a little exclusive in 19th century art in general.


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