Gustav Klimt

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Klimt (1862 – 1918) is probably the best known of the Symbolist artists, and that’s partly why I’ve taken this long to mention him here as I’ve wanted to focus on the less famous contributors to the movement. As it is, I’ve attempted to put together a collection of Klimt’s work that perhaps isn’t so widely recognised.

portrait of Klimt

Gustav Klimt, 1908

Klimt became successful in his native Vienna, and was among the founding members of the ‘Vienna Succession’, a group of unconventional artists who mostly adhered to the school of Symbolism. Klimt’s most famous works are his highly stylised paintings from his ‘Golden Phase’, and the majority of his paintings depict erotic sensuality.





Mada Primavesi

Mada Primavesi





There’s a good resource for more Klimt images here.



  1. melmoth said,

    Everybody seems to love Klimt and with good reason; he is erotic without being vulgar and decorative without being banal. I even have a print of his Portrait of a Young Girl on my wall…

    • Decadent Handbook said,

      That’s lovely! I hadn’t seen that one before. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the extent of Klimt’s work – images of ‘The Kiss’ etc. are so ubiquitous, and I think it’s easy to think that that’s all he did. Many of his sketches and watercolours are stunning.

  2. v.B. said,

    I like Klimt well enough though the Secession hasn’t been too innovative in recent years…;)

  3. Santiago Caruso said,

    Beautiful Blog!! If you want to see some decadent art from today look at my website. I am an illustrator from Argentina.



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