Max Klinger

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Max Klinger (1857-1920) was a German-born artist whose work had a strong influence on other Symbolists such as Otto Greiner and Alfred Kubin. He achieved much acclaim during his lifetime for his fantastical engravings, the most famous perhaps being the Paraphrase on the Discovery of a Glove series. He was also a talented sculptor, as witnessed in his remarkable statue of Beethoven.

He was inspired by Goya’s paintings of the supernatural and the bizarre, and Michael Gibson wrote of him that his work is ‘characterised by the development of an imaginary world which is both realistic and slightly out of kilter with reality, thus giving an impression of the uncanny.”


Back Into Nothingness

Back Into Nothingness








'Action' from the 'Paraphrase on the Discovery of a Glove' series

'Action' from the 'Paraphrase on the Discovery of a Glove' series









The Statue of Beethoven

The Statue of Beethoven



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  1. LizTisane said,

    Good lord, those are all amazing, esp. “Kiss” and “Plague.” (Additionally my school term is over in about 1.5 weeks and next term my Romantics to Decadents class starts. I can hardly wait.)

    • Decadent Handbook said,

      That sounds amazing! I took a course on Aesthetics and Decadence during my MA, and that’s what really got me interested in the subject.

  2. v.B. said,

    Great, thank you for introducing me to this artist! Esp. in ‘Action’, for example, whose windly swaying concept I really appreciate, I can dedect, as you said, an influence on Kubin’s work.

  3. @~ said,

    This is a very good book of Klinger’s black and white graphic works :)

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